Artist Statement

About Joana Maria Tulik

My name is Joana Maria Tulik and I am an interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture, printmaking, installation, and photography. I utilize objects found in nature, including rocks, flowers, and wood, as well as bright colors and scale in my work. Almost everything I create encompasses themes of fairytale and fantasy, playfulness, childhood, and wonder. Stories I work with and return to often are Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel. I feel there is so much to learn from seemingly simply stories like these, and human infatuation with the magical and the wonderful doesn’t have to end in adulthood.
I often find inspiration from children’s illustrations and animation, including concept art from artists like Mary Blair and Claire Keane. I consider Mary Blair to be one of my biggest influences, as well as Helio Oiticica and Alexander Calder. I also find a lot of inspiration in dance, one of my favorite things to do. I feel a connection between myself as an artist and as a dancer, and it is something I am still discovering to its full extent. For now, I attempt to extend the sense of movement and beauty I find through ballet and modern dance especially, into my artwork.
Interaction is also an important aspect of the work I create. I want viewers to interact with my work with more than just their eyes, whether that be through touch, smell, or even adding something creatively, such as a word or image. I enjoy installing my work in nontraditional settings, so that people who don’t pursue art are able to see something wondrous in their day to day life. Accessibility is important to me, and anyone should be able to enjoy my work, regardless of their circumstances.